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Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Destroying a Rock Formation and Almost Ending a Man’s Life With Her Incessant Butt-Scratching

Who hasn’t inadvertently defiled a sacred landmark and set into motion a chain of events that brought a sound guy to the very brink of his demise? The difference is you’re not going on The Graham Norton Show and telling everybody in the world about it. You’re just not that brave. Jennifer Lawrence, however, is willing to own up to her mistakes, which include both the desecration of a Hawaiian holy site for the sole purpose of easing her horrible, horrible butt itch and the destruction of what was undoubtedly some very expensive sound equipment. Oh, also, someone almost died. There are worse ways to go than as a casualty of Jennifer Lawrence’s butt itch, of course. You’ll think of some eventually. Just give you a minute.

J.Law on Near-Fatal Butt-Scratching Incident