Jerry Lewis Gave an Interview Full of Monosyllabic Answers and It’s a Delight

In an interview that gives a sit-down with noted amnesiac Mariah Carey a run for its money, Jerry Lewis put the The Hollywood Reporter through an outrageously awkward interview. When the magazine sat down with ten nonagenarians to talk about working in Hollywood at age 90, the famed comedian’s reticence was on brand. Has he ever thought about retiring? “Why.” There was never a moment? “Why.” How does he keep his material fresh? “By working at it.” How has Vegas changed since 1947? “It’s exactly the same.” The best bit comes at the 3:45 mark, when the interviewer asks how he’s maintained steady attendance at his shows: “You tell ‘em you’re playing there, and they show up,” Lewis says with an irritated grimace. All things considered, an answer that elicits more than a simple “no” is a success.

Jerry Lewis Just Doesn’t Want to Be Bothered