Jewel Will Star in Hallmark’s Fixer-upper Murder Mystery, and You’re Calling It Now: the Body Is Behind the Shiplap

While Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna have undoubtedly found a corpse or two while searching for a home’s original wood floors or hanging giant rustic metal letters in every room, the singer Jewel will finally marry your two twin loves of home renovation and murder on television. Jewel will star as a “home renovator turned amateur homicide detective” in Hallmark’s Framed for Murder: A Fixer-Upper Mystery. (Presumably the frame will be constructed of repurposed barn planks and recycled bicycle parts.) The made-for-TV movie is based not on the popular HGTV show of a similar name, but on the Fixer Upper Mysteries series by author Kate Carlisle. The books’ protagonist is named Shannon Hammer, and news that her character name has been changed to Shannon Hughes on the small screen is the film’s only misstep so far. The movie is set to air on January 15, so be sure to print out a giant picture of your TV and roll it away right before it airs, to the gasps and delight of several adorable homeowners.

Jewel Cast in Hallmark Fixer-upper Murder Movie