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John Cena and Casey Affleck Will Host SNL This Month

Which of them will have to play Santa? Photo: Getty Images

After Emma Stone really, really commits hard to hosting SNL this Saturday, the rest of the month is going to look a lot like a white dude Christmas. SNL announced today that John Cena will take over the hosting duties on December 10, followed by Casey Affleck on December 17. Affleck currently stars in Manchester by the Sea, a hilarious comedy about accents and unremitting depression. John Cena is just generally fun to be around. Singer-songwriter Maren Morris will provide music on the 10th, while Chance the Rapper will bring some Christmas cheer on the 17th. Nobody will probably bring up Casey Affleck’s sexual-harassment allegations during his show, because of course not.

John Cena and Casey Affleck to Host SNL