Jordan Klepper Attends the First Stop on Donald Trump’s Post-Election ‘Victory Tour’

Instead of focusing on his upcoming job as President of the United States, Donald Trump has decided to go on a national “victory tour” to hold big rallies for his supporters, and thankfully, Daily Show correspondent and Trump supporter expert Jordan Klepper was on hand for the tour’s very first stop in Ohio. As you might expect, Trump’s fans are pretty good at making up excuses for why the swamp Trump promised to drain has been drained directly into his cabinet picks, and when it comes to one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises that turned out to be a lie, they’re just good at responding to Klepper with clueless silence:

Trump supporter: We’re gonna lock her up! Of course, of course! Klepper: Now, some people are saying she’s a good person and shouldn’t be prosecuted. Trump supporter: Well, they’re liars. Klepper: Well, that person is Donald Trump.

Check out the full segment above.

Jordan Klepper Attends the First Stop on Donald […]