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Bryce Dallas Howard Will Thankfully Don Practical Footwear in Jurassic World 2

Photo: Universal Pictures

Much like a football player who gives up the game before he gets banged up too bad, Bryce Dallas Howard just narrowly escaped many years’ worth of aches and pains. Movie quibblers of the world, you can now rejoice because Howard will not wear heels in the Jurassic World sequel. That’s a big turnaround from Jurassic World, in which Howard’s character, Claire, not only donned heels (nude ones befitting her icy exterior, of course) for her job in a theme park, but kept them on even as dinosaurs went for the jugular. Like, just consider how many times Howard’s heel must have slipped naturally out of the back of her pumps, because that is the thing that happens when you combine stiletto backs with vigorous movement, only for Howard to decide, in character, that yes, this footwear choice is worthwhile, and so she stuffed those inevitably swollen puppies back in their box. Well, no more! Director Colin Trevorrow tweeted, “See you soon” at Howard on Thursday, attaching a photo that says “Claire” and has a number of different leather-boot options, most of which (it’s a work in progress) keep the sole very close to the ground. Here’s hoping Jurassic World 3 cuts the small talk and goes straight for the Easy Spirits.

Jurassic 2 Gives Bryce Dallas Howard New Shoes