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Justin Bieber Announces U.S. Stadium Tour on Ellen, But He’s Not Gonna Make a Big Deal Out of It or Anything

Keeping with his time-honored tradition of dropping announcements on Ellen, a monotone, flexing Justin Bieber revealed that he is adding a United States stadium tour to his packed schedule. The move might be a surprise to anyone who has been following the news from his recent tour stops, which have included the Bieb calling adoring audiences “obnoxious” for screaming and, at another show, storming offstage when the yelling fans got too loud. But maybe stadiums in America will be less intense than those in Barcelona? Regardless, Bieber might be coming to a stadium near you, and, based on the pop star’s muted reaction to excited Beliebers on Ellen — he looks as though he is reaching for his coffee as a way to hide the fact that he hates smiling — he seems pretty indifferent to this next step in his career. Also, ladies, he’s single — but again, it’s best you don’t try to scream your date idea at him.

Bieber Announces a U.S. Stadium Tour on Ellen