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Kim Gordon Called the Trumps the ‘Blonde Kardashians’

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If you’re in the market for even more Trump burns from boss ladies thanks for spearheading the quest against the “demagoguing bag of candy corn,” Samantha Bee — Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon has some sharp words for the new president-elect. “I don’t want to have to deal with blonde Kardashians for the next four years,” Gordon told Bedford & Bowery. “The Kardashians were annoying enough and now the blonde version is upon us.” Trump himself, Gordon observed, deserves to be bundled with the Kardashians since he’s a product of “the whole reality TV mentality,” just like them. “His TV show is what made him into a brand name and gave him the confidence to run for president,” she said. “Reality TV viewing has set up these weird models of regressive behavior, or arrested behavior, that’s taken us back to the playground of: ‘If you don’t want to be a loser, you’re with me.’ It’s like people want to associate themselves or relate to people who they think are winners, even in this weird way. And I think obviously Trump has appealed to them.” So with that logic, Kourtney 2020, then?

Kim Gordon Calls the Trumps ‘Blonde Kardashians’