they kissed their chance goodbye

Kiss Joins the Esteemed Club of Musicians Who Reportedly Declined Performing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On paper, Céline Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Elton John, Garth Brooks, and Kiss may seem like a random smorgasbord of musicians grouped together for no particular reason, but believe it or not, they’re actually all now united in a uniquely political way — each one of them has reportedly been asked to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s upcoming presidential inauguration, and each has declined the offer. Kiss is the latest act to publicly decline the political gig, according to TMZ, which caught up with front man Gene Simmons and his family on video Wednesday evening. When asked if Kiss would be playing at the inauguration, Simmons’s wife, Shannon Tweed, intervened and shouted “no!” multiple times. “That’s not to say they didn’t ask,” Tweed explained. “They asked and he politely declined.” Simmons said that Kiss is touring Europe during the inauguration, so it wouldn’t have been possible anyway. “I think people should get over it and move on,” he added. “He’s our president and that’s it, end of story.” It’s looking good for you, Ted Nugent!

Kiss ‘Politely Declined’ Trump Inauguration Gig