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Lady Gaga Is Going to Be Interviewed by Noted Detractor Piers Morgan About PTSD

Photo: Getty Images

Mother Monster Lady Gaga has zero time for Piers Morgan’s accusatory stances. In a Twitter exchange from Tuesday morning, Gaga has agreed to be interviewed by Morgan regarding the post-traumatic stress disorder she suffered following a rape at the age of 19. Earlier this month, Gaga revealed her lingering PTSD from the attack for the first time  saying that the kindness shown by her doctors, family, and friends had “really saved” her life  but Morgan was critical of her openness, suggesting that people should take her reveal “with a pinch of salt.” Now, the two have engaged in a spirited debate on Twitter, which ultimately culminated with Gaga agreeing to the interview. (Morgan is currently a host on Good Morning Britain across the pond.)

Gaga and Morgan’s conversation was seemingly spurred by Gaga publicly tweeting out a supportive comment to Madonna, who spoke candidly at the Billboard Music Awards last week about sexism and misogyny in the music industry. Madonna has also drawn skepticism from Morgan very recently about her rape claims, with him saying that all claims of rape shouldn’t be “necessarily accepted as fact without proper criminal investigation.”

Lady Gaga Agrees to Piers Morgan PTSD Interview