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Lauren Graham Rejects Your Conspiracy Theories About All Those Gilmore Girls Coffee Cups Being Empty

Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert confronted actress Lauren Graham with an oft-complained-about Gilmore Girls pet peeve: the apparent emptiness of the show’s many, many, many coffee cups. (Visit the hashtag #EmptyCupAwards for further discussion.) To be fair, when’s the last time you handled a full cup of steaming-hot coffee like a piece of paper? On the other hand, why wouldn’t the props department fill everyone’s cup with some kind of liquid? It’s like Schrödinger’s coffee cup over here. Oh, except Lauren Graham would actually know the definitive answer to the question. If you choose to believe her extremely coy answer, there was coffee in those cups. If you choose to believe your eyes and your heart, you know the real truth.

Lauren Graham: Gilmore Girls Cups Contain Coffee