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Lee Daniels Says His Show Star Starts From a White Girl’s Perspective Because ‘The Country Needed to Heal’

Lee Daniels started work on his girl-group drama Star far before the election results rolled in this year, but now that they have, he feels the show’s themes have some added resonance, mostly because they finally give us all the chance to relate to a white girl on TV. “In the beginning, [Star] is told through a white girl’s perspective,” Daniels said, explaining why the show initially centers on Jude Demorest, who plays a character named Star, “because I felt that the country, instinctively, I thought, needed to heal. And I thought that this white girl is so fabulous that black people will embrace her and white people will embrace her.” Daniels added that Star has a half-black sister on the show, and that Star will also dig into the atrocities of the foster-care system, among many other issues. “We are truly, I believe, in a civil war,” Daniels said of his reasoning behind exploring race relations on the show. “When we understand that we’re all one, will we then understand America.” Regardless of how well Star actually handles race relations, it already has the endorsement of Adrienne Bailon, and she was in both 3LW and the Cheetah Girls.

Lee Daniels Explains Why Star Has a White Lead