Hulu Is Rebooting Foxy Brown As a TV Series Sadly Not Starring a Whole Lotta Beyoncé

Sure. Photo: Getty Images, MGM

Perhaps somehow missing the memo that there’s a new streaming service dedicated entirely to blaxploitation films, Hulu has decided to revive one of the genre’s finest, fiercest creations. Deadline reports that Meagan Good has been tapped to star in a reboot of Foxy Brown, only now it’ll be a TV-series adaptation of Jack Hill’s 1974 classic. It’s being described as “modern reimagining” of the iconic Pam Grier character who redefined what it means to be a B-A-D black woman on a vengeful warpath, and will be executive-produced by Good, her husband DeVon Franklin, and Tony Krantz. But sadly for those hoping to see a whole lotta Beyoncé wearing a whole lot more ‘fro, may the camp homage that was Foxxy Cleopatra live on in your hearts and yellow-gold fever dreams forever. Or, if you really want to torture yourself, flip through photos from Bey’s ‘70s-themed birthday party and just imagine what could’ve been.

Meagan Good to Star in Foxy Brown Hulu Reboot