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Nashville’s New Season-5 Trailer Promises to Be Better Than That Almost Series Finale

It’s finally time to see what CMT does with Nashville, and it looks like the series might be able to make good on that cliffhanger season finale it was stuck with on ABC. The new two-minute full-season trailer promises that the show has finally found its rightful home. Juliette was the lone survivor of the cliffhanger plane crash, but she’s wheelchair-bound and recovering from an injury that might have left her paralyzed. Rayna is working on a concept album with Deacon and pushing Gunnar and Scarlett into a risqué music video. An envelope full of rose petals arrives with a creepy letter, adding something else to Rayna’s already full plate: a stalker. The new preview also teases a few more relationships in flux (Maddie Conrad and a new guy, Will might be moving in with his boyfriend, and Gunnar and Scarlett spar).

There’s a lot more here than the first CMT trailer (below) that mostly showed the best (and worst) of season fourNashville’s mess worth making returns in a two-hour season premiere January 5.

Watch the Nashville Season-5 Trailer