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NBC Plans to Single White Female Single White Female Into a TV Show

The ’90s are back in a big way: brown lipstick, shift dresses, and thrillers in which your roommate or nanny or husband’s ex-wife try to take over your life. You name it! Per The Hollywood Reporter, NBC plans to ride the reboot wave by developing a Single White Female TV series. The drama, based on the 1992 Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh thriller, has been relocated to San Francisco and, since it is currently the golden age of television, nothing is as it seems. While the original film is a very straightforward tale of delusion and stalking, the show, which has a script commitment from the network, injects some doubt as to who the show’s villain ultimately might be. According to THR: “When erstwhile con-artist Hedra uses her professional connections to target Allie, a seemingly moneyed colleague in search of a roommate, Hedra slowly begins to realize that her mark may not be quite as innocuous as she first seems. Soon, viewers will come to understand that Hedra may have met her match in Allie, making viewers question who is really being ‘single white female’d.’” Sounds like you’re going to be obsessed with it.

NBC Developing Single White Female TV Reboot