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Neil Diamond and James Corden Duet on ‘Sweet Christmastime’ (Ba! Ba! Baaa!)

On the one hand, how festive of Neil Diamond and James Corden to rewrite “Sweet Caroline” as a song about office holiday parties called “Sweet Christmastime.” Boy do they make some fine points about how such parties tend to leave HR regulations in tatters. On the other hand, don’t Neil Diamond and James Corden know how freaking catchy “Sweet Caroline” is? How tempting it is to sing along to that melody, even if the whole point of the performance is the new words you don’t know? How impossible it is to avoid jumping in and screeching something like “SWEEEET CAROL … time” like some kind of moron? Sigh. At least we’ll always have ba, ba, baaa.

Neil Diamond Sings ‘Sweet Christmastime’