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The Movie That’s Definitely, No Way, Under No Circumstances a Raging Bull Sequel Has a Trailer

The Bronx Bull, much like Raging Bull, is about the legendary boxer Jake LaMotta. Beyond that, the films share no resemblance, at least, not officially. Back in 2014, MGM made that crystal-clear, barring The Bronx Bull from going by its original name, Raging Bull II. Instead of Robert De Niro, the not–a–Raging Bull–sequel has folks like William Forsythe, Paul Sorvino, Harry Hamlin, and Tom Sizemore on hand to tell LaMotta’s story; while where there was once a Martin Scorsese, Martin Guigui now sits behind the camera. The movie covers LaMotta’s younger years, as well as his days on the other side of the ring. The Bronx Bull has been in distribution limbo for a while now, but, like your sideshow cousin at his sweet 16, it’s finally making its debut January 14.

The Not–a–Raging Bull–Sequel Has a Trailer