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Starz Is No Longer Making Blunt Talk, Even With Patrick Stewart

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

It doesn’t matter how charming Patrick Stewart is — Starz will no longer be taking anymore of his Blunt Talk. The comedy series, which was produced by Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, ran on the premium network for two seasons, but, despite starring a knight of the British realm who happens to be goddamn Captain Picard, it never gained the following or awards a show with this pedigree is expected to gain. In the show, Stewart played a British newscaster named Walter Blunt attempting to become a sensation on American cable news, except his blunders on television kept setting him back. The Hollywood Reporter learned through Starz today that the series, which wrapped up its second and final season on December 11, would not be renewed. Luckily, Stewart is best friends with Ian McKellen, so he probably doesn’t feel too down about, well, anything.

Patrick Stewart’s Blunt Talk Canceled by Starz