song as old as rhyme

We Finally Have Proof That the Live-Action Remake of Beloved Musical Beauty and the Beast Does Indeed Have Music

Beauty and the Beast. Photo: Disney

As the trailers for Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast made their debuts, there were a couple of distinct lines of concern. Did the movie look too much like the original, or did it not resemble the original enough? Because while the footage seemed to depict an almost shot-for-shot redux, there was one key element of the beloved musical that was conspicuously absent: music. Three months away from the release, the tale as old as time sure looks well-trod, but the old Howard Ashman–Alan Menken rhymes are still nowhere to be found. Except, it turns out, in stores nationwide, as a Belle doll released for the movie and on sale at Toys R’ Us apparently features Emma Watson’s vocals on “Something There.” The evidence is admittedly scant, just a crappy recording of someone playing the doll in the store. It should, however, quiet the conspiratorial panic of those wondering about the musical chops of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, talents that are largely … unknown. Put the service to the test, and listen to the snippet below.

The Proof That Beauty and the Beast Is a Musical