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Richard Marx Helped Stop a Passenger Attack on a Korean Air Flight

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Adult-contemporary singer-songwriter Richard Marx came to the aid of his fellow travelers on Korean Air Flight 480 earlier today, when an out-of-control passenger began randomly attacking people while the aircraft was at cruising altitude. Marx was traveling from Hanoi to Seoul with his wife, former MTV VJ and television host Daisy Fuentes, when the attack occurred  per Marx’s tweets, the crew was “completely ill trained” to handle the situation, which lasted over four hours before the plane could safely land. Fuentes added that two passengers and one crew member were injured as a result of the attack, and although there was a Taser on the aircraft for the crew to use in case of an emergency, the crew members had “no clue” how to use it. Marx’s photos also show him and other passengers fighting back against the man and tying the attacker to a seat with rope. Police in Seoul arrested the man upon the aircraft’s landing, but given that he still decided to start a fight while trapped on a plane, it really seems like the passenger should’ve known better.

Richard Marx Stops Attack on Korean Air Flight