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Riz Ahmed Did the Impossible: Rhymed Something With ‘Calrissian’

It’s hard to think up something that rhymes with Calrissian, but Riz Ahmed is up to the challenge. When Jimmy Fallon urged the Swet Shop Boys front man to step up to the mic, Ahmed spit a freestyle with Star Wars vocab including the key words Yoda, Darth Vader, and Lando Calrissian. “I hear that Donald Trump don’t want me to stay,” Ahmed rapped. “The only place I’m going is a galaxy far away. Yo, to the Star Wars fans I hope y’all listening, we won’t let you down like Lando Calrissian.” But Ahmed’s best bar comes courtesy of the Sith Lord: “[Jimmy] asked Princess Leia to play with his lightsaber. But Leia’s a heartbreaker, left him out of breath, he was wheezing like Darth Vader.”

Watch Riz Ahmed’s Star Wars Freestyle