Read Rob Delaney’s Touching Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Photo: Ed Miller

As tributes keep pouring in for the iconic Carrie Fisher, the latest comes from Rob Delaney, who acted alongside Fisher in his and Sharon Horgan’s popular Amazon comedy series Catastrophe. Published in The Guardian, Delaney lovingly mused about working with Fisher who portrayed his feisty mother for the show’s three seasons, the third of which just finished shooting last week in London. “Carrie’s scenes haven’t been seen by anyone yet,” he wrote. “Except for me and Sharon that is, and our director, producer and editor. We’ve seen them and they’re amazing …  she’s a bigger part of series three than she was of the first two series. We couldn’t help but write more for her because she’s so brilliant.” Delaney explained that Fisher was the only actor he and Horgan would let improvise while filming Catastrophe, because she would “always, always make it funnier and better” one of many instances comes from the season two premiere, where she’s singing an improvised song about areolae at Muireann’s christening party. (Now go back and watch it!)

A lifelong admirer of Fisher he described himself as “a fan first and a fan forever” Delaney also wrote that he “naturally” tried to seduce her when they worked together. “I’d like to report that I was successful, but despite my begging her on many occasions, we never had sex, even though our onscreen mother/son chemistry was off the charts,” he said. “We made her and Adam Driver’s sterile scenes in The Force Awakens look like bank transactions.” Through all his quips, though, he misses her tremendously, just as the rest of us do: “What I’m getting at here is that I revered Carrie until I met her and then I loved her. I’m smiling thinking about her. I hope you are too.”

Rob Delaney’s Sweet Tribute to Carrie Fisher