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C-3PO Actor Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Cussing Out Rogue One’s Droid K-2SO Actor

K-2SO, the Imperial droid from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, not only has won our vote of confidence, but he has also inspired a great deal of ire from the man inside C-3PO, Anthony Daniels. As actor Alan Tudyk, K-2SO’s human component, explained on Monday night’s Conan, Daniels didn’t much appreciate learning how little sweat and turmoil Tudyk had to endure in portraying his robot character. See, back in the days of the original Star Wars — which takes place after Rogue One, but regardless — even George Lucas’s exceptional special effects couldn’t save Daniels from having to wear a heavy, metal-covered costume while wandering around in a desert. Meanwhile Tudyk brought his droid to life for the most recent movie through motion capture. Still, Tudyk didn’t take it too personally when Daniels found him at the premiere after-party to say, “Fuck you.” “That’s one of the best compliments I ever got,” Tudyk insisted to Conan while imitating C-3PO’s walk. He probably only says that because he can’t understand R2-D2’s bleeping.

C-3PO Can’t Stop Cussing Out Rogue One’s Droid