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Rogue One Director and Cast Discuss the Props They Stole From Set; Prop Master Goes Berserk Watching From Home

Every actor or actress wants to take home a small memento from their film, but if that film happens to be a wildly anticipated $200 million property of the most-successful franchise ever created, you just know there is a prop master somewhere having a total breakdown every time a light-saber handle or blaster goes missing. He or she probably had to be hospitalized when the Death Star plans disappeared, but luckily they are safe and sound in director Gareth Edwards’s mom’s house, because he straight up stole them. Felicity Jones, among others, refused to admit what souvenir she purloined, which means it was undoubtedly something insane. Based on the new Rogue One clip they premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the answer is either an entire dead Stormtrooper or a bruised sternum.

Rogue One Director and Cast Talk Stealing Props