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Rogue One Gets the Iconic Opening Crawl You Pretended to Be Okay With It Not Having in Fan-Made Video

Sure, if you are going to see Rogue One, you probably have a more-than-rudimentary knowledge of all things Star Wars. So maybe you don’t need a chunky explainer queued before your eyes as the film begins. But humans are always wanting things we don’t need, so who’s to say that your Rogue One filmgoing experience wouldn’t be buoyed by some extensive exposition as delivered in, say, a thunderously dramatic opening crawl? Rogue One is the first movie in the Star Wars universe to go without the beloved text, and while it’s a move that sets the stand-alone film apart, it also leaves a certain itch unscratched. Well, thank the Force for Reddit, because Andrew Shackle issued a much-welcome corrective on the site, sharing a revised Rogue One opening, crawl intact. May the font be with you in the fan-made video, above .

Rogue One Gets Opening Crawl in Fan-Made Video