Run-D.M.C. Files $50 Million Lawsuit Against Companies Including Walmart and Amazon for Trademark Infringement

Run-D.M.C. Photo: Chris Carroll/Corbis via Getty Images

Run-D.M.C. is suing a host of companies including Walmart and Amazon for over $50 million. According to Billboard, the lawsuit alleges that the companies in question committed trademark infringement against Run-D.M.C. by illicitly using the group’s name and logo. The claim targets both products that explicitly use the famous logo, as well as products that market themselves as “RUN-DMC styled.” Walmart and Amazon, as well as Jet, are all specifically called out for allegedly selling and advertising trademark-infringing products that “confuse the public as to the source of origin and endorsement of its products.” The suit argues that the knockoffs cheapen the value of the real Run-D.M.C.-licensed merch. As damages, the group is asking for $50 million, in addition to interest, attorneys fees, accounting of all relevant Run-D.M.C.-style product sales, and an injunction and restraining order against further sales and promotion of said products.

Run-D.M.C. Sues Walmart, Amazon for $50 Million