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Who Needs an Oscar When Ryan Gosling Can Use His La La Land Experience to Teach Jimmy Kimmel the Waltz?

With their carefully choreographed repartee, when are late-night shows not a dance? But Ryan Gosling and Jimmy Kimmel took things a literal step further on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a waltz. You see, it just so happens that Kimmel asked Gosling about his fancy footwork in La La Land, and it just so happens that Gosling remembers the waltz, and it just so happens that Kimmel is a novice of the dance. So what are the two to do but teach and learn? Sadly, any possible Johnny-Baby vibes are put on hold by Gosling’s stickler perfectionism. Ryan needs you to keep your eye line focused. Look at him, right at him.

Ryan Gosling Teaches Jimmy Kimmel to Waltz