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What Information Can We Glean From Nicole Kidman’s Wig in This Top of the Lake: China Girl First Look?

Programme Name: Top Of The Lake 2 - TX: n/a - Episode: First Look (No. First Look) - Picture Shows: ++HELD BACK FOR COMS++ Julia (NICOLE KIDMAN) - (C) See Saw Productions Australia - Photographer: Sally Bongers
Photo: Sally Bongers/BBC/See Saw Productions Australia

Well, we can say with some certainty her character is probably not a hair model. SundanceTV released a first look of Nicole Kidman and her statement wig in the upcoming Top of the Lake second season Top of the Lake: China Girl. According to the network, “Nicole Kidman will play an Australian mother, Julia, whose story will intersect with Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men), reprising her Golden Globe–winning role as Detective Robin Griffin.” Like all television dramas currently airing on every channel in the world, Top of the Lake: China Girl revolves around the corpse of a young woman, this time discovered on Australia’s Bondi Beach. Moss’s Detective Griffin must enter Sydney’s “criminal underbelly” to learn the truth after discovering that the titular “‘China Girl’ didn’t die alone.” Which begs the question: Is Kidman’s wig that of a serial murderer? Only time will tell. Also, yes.

Photo: Sally Bongers/BBC/See Saw Productions Australia
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