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Broadchurch Season 3 Packs a Whole Lot of Despair Into One Little Teaser

Ennui may be a global affliction plaguing the present moment, but as we sink ever further into our despair, let’s not forget who did dead eyes and gut-wrenching despondency first and better. Broadchurch is returning to BBC America with a third season sometime in 2017, ready to ask, dear God, how much more of this misery can we possibly withstand? The show about the aftermath of a small town murder has been off the air for nearly two years, so in case you actually managed to heal and forget, things left off with the trial of Danny Latimer’s probable killer not going as planned. Lose yourself in the gluttonous sea of David Tennant’s sad, sad eyes with an atmospheric teaser, above.

See the Teaser for Broadchurch Season 3