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Seth Meyers Breaks Down Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy, or Lack Thereof

After a week off, Seth Meyers returned to his post at Late Night with another edition of his “Closer Look” segment. This time around, Meyers backtracked a couple of days in the news to take a swing at President-elect Donald Trump’s false claims of mass voter fraud, before pivoting to discuss how this malleable understanding of facts could backfire in the global sphere. Meyers pointed to three sensitive international relationships — America’s connection to China, Pakistan, and the Philippines — where Trump has already made contact without acknowledging complex issues, such as widely reported human rights problems that have arisen during Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly war against drugs. Meyers can’t resist burying his face in his hand, a move he might be making a lot more once Trump’s foreign relations moves from congratulatory phone calls and tweets to official White House policy.

Seth Meyers Looks Into Trump’s Foreign Policy