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Seth Meyers Looks Into Donald Trump’s Reaction to the CIA and News of Russian Hackers

With a large demand coming from Washington, including Republican leader Mitch McConnell, to further investigate the CIA’s finding that Russia was likely behind the email hacks that plagued Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Seth Meyers decided to use his “Closer Look” segment on Monday night to examine President-elect Donald Trump’s position on the matter. The way Meyers sees it, Trump shouldn’t really speak on what the CIA or FBI know, because, well, he regularly skips out on daily intelligence briefings. While Trump could be learning the facts about what the government thinks Russia did, and what they know it did, he’s instead on his victory tour. “So he’s not taking intelligence briefings, but he is giving away free hats,” Meyers quipped. Even if the president-elect was choosing to get his information from advisers instead of security personnel, however, there’s another problem: Rex Tillerson, Trump’s possible pick for secretary of State, was awarded the Honor of Friendship by Vladimir Putin, which is about as fancy a version of BFF necklaces one can get. Watch the video above.   

Seth Meyers Looks Into Trump and Russian Hackers