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Seth Meyers Looks at North Carolina’s Scary Politics: Gerrymandering, Power Grabs, Fat Cats, Oh My!

Now that President-elect Donald Trump officially received the Electoral College’s votes, Seth Meyers decided to use his regular political Closer Look segment to examine some other Republican shenanigans that undermine the will of the popular vote. News broke late last week about the vast number of changes Republican legislators in North Carolina were trying to enact before the freshly elected Democratic governor Roy Cooper came into office. Since then, the Republican have attempted to take away Cooper’s executive power by reducing his power over election boards and requiring the governor to get State Senate confirmations for Cabinet positions. When pundits questioned the state senators about this, one responded that Cooper would still get the governor’s mansion. “So he can’t do anything, but he gets a mansion and a ballroom. Does he also get a typewriter so he can work on his novel?” Meyers quipped, before taking a page out of one rather colorful politician’s book and bringing out props to communicate why all of this is concerning. Watch the clip above.

Seth Meyers Looks Into North Carolina’s Politics