Seth Meyers Takes ‘A Closer Look’ at Republican Power Grabbing and Gerrymandering in North Carolina

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at the power-grabbing nonsense happening in North Carolina, where the Republican supermajority – which exists thanks to Republican gerrymandering across multiple districts that effectively dilute black voters’ voices – has been working to pass laws that strip the incoming Democratic governor of his power before he takes office. “This is the time of year when we take stock of all the things we take for granted – things like living in a stable, healthy democracy,” Meyers says. “But democracy isn’t something that succeeds on its own. If it’s going to survive we have to fight for it.” To drive the point home, Meyers takes a little inspiration from North Carolina Republican leader Dallas Woodhouse by incorporating some props into his political message: “We can’t just sit on our ass and let the fat cats grab our rights!”

Seth Meyers Takes ‘A Closer Look’ at Republican Power […]