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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the Carrier Deal and the Secret to Making Trump Keep His Word

How do you hold a man to his word if he seems to have no recollection of what that word was? That’s a political quandary that comes to you courtesy of Donald Trump, with Seth Meyers providing something that at least resembles a solution. On Thursday’s “A Closer Look,” Meyers examined Trump’s Carrier deal, noting that Trump only followed through as much as he did once confronted with footage of his campaign promises. So, news networks of the nation, a blueprint for you: Replay lots of that time Trump disavowed hate groups and not so much of his stoking said hate, and we should be good to go! Meyers also explains why the Carrier deal is less “flat-out cool” than the likes of Rush Limbaugh say it is, though the first part of this sentence should be enough for you to get the idea.

Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Carrier Deal