Crack Open a Beer: Shameless Has Officially Been Renewed for Season 8

Episode 710
They’ll be back! Photo: Chuck Hodes/Showtime

If there’s one family that cannot be run out of town it’s the Gallaghers and, in 2017, they’re staying put. Showtime has officially announced what we’ve all hoped and assumed: Shameless has been renewed for season eight. Long live Frank Gallagher! More important, long live actors getting paid their fair share. Prior to the renewal, the show’s producer, Warner Bros., and its lead actress, Emmy Rossum, were involved in a standoff that involved Rossum demanding a higher salary than her TV dad, William H. Macy, to make up for years of being underpaid. Last week, Rossum alluded to an end to the dispute (with her seemingly on the winning side) and announced that she’d be back to work in May. For those who stuck around past the credits of Sunday night’s season finale — which wrapped up the second of two seasons in one calendar year — the news of the show’s return was confirmed by the eldest Gallagher son, Lip: “No, no that’s it. Look, there is nothing else, alright? Come back next year, Jesus. Go. Go! Fuck off.” Because no one shows fan appreciation like a Gallagher.

Shameless Officially Renewed for Season 8