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Living in a World Absent of Meaning, Sinbad Says, Fine, He’ll Make That Movie the Internet Insists He Already Made

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Well, we have our nail in the coffin, folks: Fake news is all news and all news is real. As explored in a wild piece by The New Statesman, Shazaam is a classic romp that stars Sinbad as a genie. A minor quibble, and one that does not bother some very confident people on Reddit and elsewhere at that? Shazaam never happened. It’s a myth, a figment of the internet’s collective imagination as emboldened by false memory. But, remember, “fact” doesn’t matter anymore, and so utterly convinced Shazaam fans still won’t leave Sinbad alone about it. Desperate to escape the Bermuda Triangle he’s found himself in, Sinbad has proposed a solution: He’ll go ahead and make the dang genie movie now, if you just please, please let him be. The comedian tweeted: “Okay for all you people who think I did a genie movie. well haven’t done one YET, but I am going to do one so we can close this chapter.” Of course, there is every possibility that he’s joking, but then again, joking is no longer a thing. It’s clear that Shazaam is definitely, for sure happening, and even if it doesn’t, who will that slight hitch stop from saying it did?

Sinbad Says He’ll Make Film Reddit Says He Made