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The Guy Who Created the Star Wars Opening Crawl Says Rogue One’s Crawl-less Intro Is a ‘Huge Mistake’

Rogue One.

Dan Perri spent several miserable months perfecting Star Wars’ iconic opening crawl for A New Hope. Now the title designer — whose credits include Taxi Driver and Airplane — thinks it’s a blunder that Rogue One’s opening sequence left the convention behind. “Frankly, it is a huge mistake, because the image is so iconic and it’s so important to tens of millions, hundreds of millions of fans,” Perri told The Hollywood Reporter. “I couldn’t imagine it starting without that. It’s foolish.” The filmmakers have said that Jyn Erso’s story doesn’t need a new crawl, because the plot is set up by the text that proceeded A New Hope (The Force Awakens, however, did have a new opening crawl). But Perri said the omission doesn’t have any bearing on whether he sees the new movie: He hasn’t seen any Star Wars installments since the original. “There are too many things to do and there are too many films out there to see,” Perri said, giving the next stand-alone Star Wars movie its plot: “Attack of the Crawl.”

The Star Wars Opening-Crawl Creator Is Pissed