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Star Wars Your Entire House With This 6-Room, 72-Item Home-Makeover Guide

Star Wars has always been big on merchandising: If George Lucas’s intellectual property could be spun off into a tangible good, it’s probably already happened. While that ultra-capitalistic strategy has yielded a deluge of expected products (toys, clothing) and pricey frivolities, it has also provided fans with an array of actually useful Star Wars home goods — dishes, kitchen appliances, bed sets, bathroom décor, party supplies, even outdoor furniture — that enables enthusiasts to showcase their affinity without sacrificing practicality. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a diehard fan, or simply want a Mark Hamill–tinged overhaul of your home décor, here’s a 72-item guide to outfitting every room of the house.

BB-8 Lotion Dispenser

This Force Awakens droid is so adorable that you just want to pet him like a puppy. This lotion dispenser comes close enough and it helps you stay moisturized, which seems like a fair trade-off.

$13, Bed Bath and Beyond
Space Battle Wastebasket

Unlike that time Luke, Leia, and Han got caught in the trash compactor, nobody should have issues with this Darth Vader and TIE Fighter–themed wastebasket.

$15, BB&B
Star Wars Hooded Towel

For kids, bathtime will be a lot more fun and enjoyable when they can dry off and pretend to be one of the galaxy's greatest Sith Lords. For parents … well, that depends on how evil the kid is.

$20, Bed Bath and Beyond
Star Wars LIGHT UP Chop Sabers

Unless you're opposed to playing with your dinner, how could you resist dining with these lightsaber chopsticks that actually light up? The only difficult choice: Should you pick Skywalker blue or Vader red?

$20, ThinkGeek
Lightsaber Flatware Set

Unlike the chopsticks, these stainless steel and plastic utensils don't light up. On the plus side, they represent the hilts used by Vader, Luke, and Yoda. Note: If the giftee isn't eating alone, you'll need to order more sets — each one only comes with a single spoon, fork, and knife.

$9, ThinkGeek
Boba Fett Stein

We've never seen the galaxy's greatest bounty-hunter knock back a cold one, but fans will feel great imbibing from this 22-ounce stein. It's also available in R2-D2, Chewbacca, and Vader models.

$310, BB&B
Darth Vader Chip and Dip Plate

Remember how scary it was seeing Vader's black mask for the first time, and then how wild it was seeing him take it off? Well, now you can eat chips and dip out of it, thanks to this replica tray.

$10, Amazon
Ewok Candy Bowl and Holder

Although some people aren't fans of the little Endor dwellers, you can't deny that this is Ewok statue and bowl-holder is pretty adorable. It stands 20 inches tall, so it's both a convenient way to hold some snacks and a real conversation piece.

$310, Halloween Costume
R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

This set has four stackable cups, and R2-D2's arms also detach into four separate measuring spoons, making it a great item to leave on a countertop.

$20, ThinkGeek
Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold

Want to watch the Death Star slowly melt while enjoying a beverage? This ice mold is sizable enough to fill out a lowball glass, and perhaps a few refills of your favorite liquor.

$13, ThinkGeek
BB-8 Kitchen Timer

Rather than merely ring to let you know your food is ready, this BB-8 timer lights up and makes its signature bleeps and bloops. You might find yourself turning it on just to watch it go.

$20, Amazon
Death Star Tea Infuser

Even though they're technically on warring sides, this Death Star infuser is the perfect complement to the BB-8 set for loose-tea drinkers.

$18, Amazon
BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp

This full-size BB-8 lamp has three lighting modes: cold white, amber, and warm white. According to the manufacturer, it also "comes with a stand so it doesn't go off adventuring." Always good to know.

$2910, ThinkGeek
Upholstered Chewbacca Chair

Designed to hold kids weighing up to 100 pounds, this soft, plush Chewbacca chair also comes with a leatherlike satchel on the side for storing other Star Wars gear. A pleather Darth Vader model is also available.

$65, Toys R Us
Kylo Ren Lightsaber Lamp

Standing 31-and-a-half inches tall, Kylo Ren's replica lightsaber is a great way to brighten up your end table or desk, unless you really hate red glowing light. It also comes in a Darth Vader model.

$710, ThinkGeek
Han Solo Fridge

The 12-liter fridge holds up to 18 cans, which makes it perfect for a living room or home theater where you'll be watching the films again. It's especially cool for dark rooms, given its exterior LEDs that resemble the orange lighting from Empire. This fridge is even great for tailgating: When plugged into a car adapter, it can either cool or heat its contents. A four-liter micro-fridge is also available.

$1510, ThinkGeek
Star Wars Motion Lamp

If you're looking for a retro lava lamp, check out this one made to resemble Obi-Wan's blue lightsaber. Just be sure to heed the instructions — it gets extremely hot if it's left on too long.

$35, Amazon
Chewbacca Rugs

There are a lot of jokes to be made about our wookiee pal being a "walking carpet," so just know that this soft item can be found in two sizes: six feet by three feet, or eight feet by four feet.

$910, ThinkGeek
Wampa Rug

With this rug, you'll never need to slice open a tauntaun to stay warm. The head is made out of a plush pillow, the claws are made of vinyl, and it's made to not slip, so it's a perfect area rug to put in front of the fire or TV.

$1210, ThinkGeek
Space Battle Sheet Set

Available in full and twin sizes, these sets feature a selection of images from the saga's best fight scenes. Each set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

From $25, BB&B
R2D2 Quilt Set

Another bedding option, this quilt set comes with a thick cotton blanket and one or two pillow shams, depending on whether you order a twin, full, or queen size.

From $610, Kohls
R2-D2 Laundry Hamper

Perfect for a child's bedroom, this hamper holds a decent amount of clothes, collapses for easier storage, and comes with a rounded hood to keep the dirty laundry out of sight.

$30, Amazon
Darth Vader Grilling Apron

Complete the BBQ ensemble with this Darth Vader apron. (Don't forget that silicone oven mitt for grilling with some big flames!) There's also an R2-D2 version available.

$20, BB&B
Lightsaber Tool Kit

Lightsabers weren't much help when Han and Chewie needed to repair the Falcon, but this three-screwdriver set sure would've come in handy. It's a great stocking stuffer: The two flatheads and one Phillips-head are designed to look like Luke, Darth, and Yoda's weapons of choice.

$20, ThinkGeek
R2-D2 Screwdriver

For smaller repair needs, this R2-D2 model comes with three replaceable bits: two Phillips-head, one flathead. Conveniently, each bit can be stored at the bottom of the unit.

$10, ThinkGeek
R2-D2 Measuring Tape

This 22-foot measuring tape is perfect for any DIY home project. Sadly, it does not measure in parsecs, thus negating any attempts at measuring your own Kessel Run.

$25, ThinkGeek
Jawa Lawn Ornament

Keep neighbors guessing this holiday season with this little desert dweller on your front lawn. The best part? It's solar powered, which means its creepy little eyes will light up all night long.

$710, ThinkGeek
Giant Death Star Indoor/Outdoor Mood Light

A perfect Star Wars party light. With 16 different colors and a strobe option, this Death Star is remote-controlled and can last up to eight hours on a charge. At 15 inches high, it can be used as a footstool or even a chair, as it holds up to 190 pounds. Sorry, Jabba — you'll have to find another place to sit.

$910, Amazon
Darth Vader Adirondack Chair painted version

After a long day, what better way to relax than by kicking back in this Darth Vader Adirondack chair? Made with treated lumber, it's 36 inches wide and can hold up to 600 pounds. You can also pair it with the stormtrooper version.

$1910, Etsy
A 72-Item Star Wars Home-Goods Gift Guide