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Stephen Colbert Runs Through Trump’s Latest Additions to His Cabinet of Horrors

We’re now just 43 days out from Donald Trump’s inauguration, and as Stephen Colbert notes, the celebration of the new president assuming office may happen in the heart of anti-Trump country: Manhattan. During his opening monologue Thursday night, Colbert reviewed Trump’s latest picks for his cabinet of horrors, which include anti-EPA guy Scott Pruitt for the EPA and former WWE CEO Linda McMahon for the Small Business Administration, which continues his trend of “appointing people to head things that they’re against.” Colbert also recapped that Apprentice producer Mark Burnett is talking inauguration plans with Trump and suggested a parade down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, where Hillary Clinton won 87 percent of the vote. Sounds like a reality show to us!

Colbert Checks In on Trump’s Cabinet Picks