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The-Dream Says the Old Kanye Will Be Back Soon

V-103 Winterfest 2016
The-Dream. Photo: Moses Robinson/WireImage/Getty Images

Today in read receipts: The-Dream told the Associated Press that Kanye hasn’t texted him back. “I know he went off on Jay about not reaching out to him,” the rapper-producer said, referencing Kanye’s complaint that Jay Z hasn’t called him. “I reached out to ‘Ye two times and still haven’t heard back from him. I just want to let ‘Ye know that, and I’m not mad at him.” It’s been a tough week for people who love Kanye, but The-Dream said none of Kanye’s arguably erratic behavior (including his meeting with Donald Trump) seems worrisome or out of character. Instead, The-Dream is just concerned that his “Ultralight Beam” collaborator misses his mom, who died in November 2007, during the holiday season. “He has to be thinking about his mom at this particular point,” The-Dream said. “Once he gets into the new year, he’ll be all right.”

The-Dream Knows What’s Bothering Kanye