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T.J. Miller Had a Big Night Last Night, Which Included a Profusely Bleeding Ear and Getting Arrested

T.J. Miller is a hardworking comedian who commits deeply to his bits. Last night on Conan, while stopping by to promote Office Christmas Party, Miller was so dedicated to comedy that he claimed he pierced his own ear with a safety pin in the green room before the show in an impromptu expression of solidarity with victims of discrimination or harassment. His ear proceeded to gush an unnatural amount of (most likely fake) blood down the whole front of his body over the course of his visit.

But since the night was still very young after the show wrapped taping, Miller then attended multiple media parties around Los Angeles (including Vulture’s own), still in his bloody clothes, before ending his night by getting arrested on suspicion of battery charges after some kind of confrontation with his car-service driver. All we know, according to the Los Angeles Times, is that Miller was cited for a misdemeanor offense then immediately released. We still don’t know, however, if that safety pin was sanitized beforehand.

Update: The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Miller was arrested for battery after allegedly hitting a ride-share driver after an argument about Donald Trump. This makes Miller the third Silicon Valley star to have a Trump-related altercation in the month since the election.

T.J. Miller Couldn’t Stop Bleeding on Conan