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Tom Cruise Is Afraid of a Dead Princess in First Mummy Trailer

Action hero Tom Cruise might, for once, not stand a chance against an evil foe in the first trailer for Universal’s The Mummy. Unlike most of his films, here Cruise incurs more than the usual facial injuries that don’t hide his handsomeness, as he ends up in a body bag in a morgue. Of course, this being a reboot of The Mummy, death is more of a temporary state of being for the characters in this universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Alex Kurtzman says that Cruise is cursed in the movie, which will affect his good-guy status: “The Mummy is making you do things you don’t want to do. You’re cursed. You don’t know what’s going on. Suddenly, you made a very unreliable protagonist.” Luckily Crowe, playing Dr. Jekyll, is there to provide some answers to Cruise’s monster questions, of which we have a few. Watch the trailer above.

Tom Cruise Is in Danger in First Mummy Trailer