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Can Tom Ford Just Make the Naughty Script He Keeps Teasing?


Tom Ford is not very good at pulling off coyness. In The Hollywood Reporter’s writers roundtable, Ford teased a project that sounds deliciously rowdy. “I’ve written something that’s very politically incorrect,” Ford told the table of scribes, which included Manchester by the Sea’s Kenneth Lonergan and Julieta’s Pedro Almodóvar. “I’m not sure that I could make it — which kind of makes me want to.” After clarifying that he is still pro-penetration, the director’s demureness seems hilariously out of character. Ford didn’t divulge any more clues to THR, but he did drop one detail to Vulture in November: “I did write a comedy. I have that comedy. Everyone who has read it says it’s so inappropriate that it really couldn’t be made,” he said. “Even the title is inappropriate!”

Tom Ford Is Being Very Coy About His Next Movie