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Trevor Noah Compares Donald Trump’s Allies to Enablers

Trevor Noah took a look at Donald Trump’s many, many tweets from the past week, and rather than look for rhyme or reason in the president-elect’s social-media strategy, Noah decided to cast some blame on Trump’s closest allies. “They know what he’s doing, they know when he’s doing something wrong,” Noah said of Trump’s team during his Daily Show monologue on Monday. “Here’s my view: a drunk is a drunk, but the person who encourages him to drive? That’s an asshole. And Trump has a lot of assholes around him.” Noah, for his part, is offering newly minted Daily Show Crapcatcher Awards to any journalist who is willing to call out bullshit in the face of Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, and others when they try to excuse a potentially harmful tweet.

Trevor Noah Compares Trump Allies to Enablers