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Trevor Noah Looks Into Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Friendship With Vladimir Putin

After Monday’s full episode dedicated to interviewing President Obama, The Daily Show once again turned its eyes on President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet. During Trevor Noah’s “Profiles in Tremendousness” segment, the host zeroed-in on Trump’s pick for secretary of State Rex Tillerson, or, by his anagram name: “Roller Sex Tin.” Like other commentators before him, Noah was particularly interested in Tillerson’s relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin. As the CEO of Exxon, Tillerson received the Russian Order of Friendship directly from the Russian president, and, as Noah points out, “You know your country’s hardcore when friendship gets a medal.” In addition to getting this honor from Putin, Tillerson also got a rare smile from the politician, which really should be enough to make us all scared.

Trevor Noah on Tillerson and Putin’s Friendship