Trevor Noah’s Heated Chat with Tomi Lahren Might Be His Best ‘Daily Show’ Interview Yet

If you have Facebook, chances are high you’ve seen angry online conservative commentator Tomi Lahren show up on your feed at some point. Lahren was the guest on last night’s Daily Show, and the extended interview between her and Noah released online might be the best Daily Show interview Noah’s done yet. The two chat about everything from Black Lives Matter to Obamacare to the “alt-right” to immigrants to Lahren’s outspoken criticism of Colin Kaepernick and what she thinks is the “right way” to protest – which, to her, is not protesting at all. On race, Lahren says: “I mean, I’ve never used racial slurs to address people, I’ve never looked down on someone because of their skin color. To me, true diversity is diversity of thought, not diversity of color. I don’t see color.” “You don’t see color? So, what do you do at a traffic light?” Noah responds. “I don’t believe in that at all when people say that. There’s nothing wrong with seeing color, it’s how you treat color that’s more important.” Check out the full interview above.

Trevor Noah’s Heated Chat with Tomi Lahren Might Be […]