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New Twin Peaks Teaser: It’s All About Those Damn Fine Cups of Coffee, Baby

Aside from the extensive cast list, we know very little so far about what will happen in the Twin Peaks revival when the series premieres on Showtime in May. But upon reflection, do we really want to know that much about it? That’s not really in the Lynchian spirit, is it? But this certainly is: The latest teaser for Peaks, which features a pastiche of classic clips from the show’s original run, is solely dedicated to some damn fine coffee. Look at that sensual pouring, those tasteful mugs, Agent Cooper’s delighted facial expressions upon the first sip. Even Gordon Cole is there to yell about his love of caffeinated beans! It only lasts 55 seconds, but frankly, we’d prefer 55 hours. Watch it on loop above, or either of the previous teasers below.

Twin Peaks Teaser: It’s All About the Damn Fine Coffee