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Donald Trump Meant to Quote Wayne’s World in This Tweet — NOT!

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Twitter spent this morning spinning straw into gold, or rather straw into slightly nicer, less manure-soaked straw, after Donald Trump tweeted a “NOT” joke in response to what he perceives to be President Obama’s treatment of him. Depending on your age, the “NOT” joke might generally call to mind the early ‘90s, the last era in which its usage saw popularity, specifically by the excellent metalheads of the 1992 comedy Wayne’s World.

And so, a national riff was born.

Others, perhaps America’s youth, found the tweet reminiscent of the 2006 film Borat, which contains a scene in which Sacha Baron Cohen’s bumbling Kazakhstani reporter learns the structure and timing crucial to the telling of a “NOT!” joke. We guess Trump’s tweet was actually perfect, if you think about it, since everyone is now such having such a great time with it. Again, deeply, deeply not.

Twitter Riffs on Trump’s Use of the ‘NOT!’ Joke