Veronica Roth Wrote That Divergent Series Epilogue You Wanted … Right?

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Okay, so the Divergent movie franchise may have petered out and off the big screen, but your thirst for the book series is still as great as it ever was … isn’t it? Author Veronica Roth certainly hopes so, as she’s following up on the final book, Allegiant, with an epilogue about Tobias, a.k.a. Four. It’s called “We Can Be Mended” and will be available only to buyers of Carve the Mark, Roth’s upcoming release. Roth announced the new chapter in a video, explaining, “I’ve always said that the Divergent series felt complete to me, but a little while ago I realized there was still some of the story that I had left untold.” So … since the epilogue is about Four, and since Four’s portrayer, Theo James, is certainly more likely than Shailene Woodley or Miles Teller to want to make the jump to TV, maybe there’s hope for good ol’ synergy yet?

Veronica Roth Wrote a Divergent Series Epilogue