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New Lost City of Z Trailer: No One Thinks Charlie Hunnam’s Mission Is a Good Idea

Man, nobody really thinks Charlie Hunnam can find this place. In The Lost City of Z, based on David Grann’s nonfiction book of the same name, Hunnam portrays Percy Fawcett, a British explorer who becomes obsessed with locating a civilization deep in the Amazon in the early 1900s. It’s the kind of endeavor that, however misguided, calls for a support system, but literally nobody — from his guilt-tripping wife (Sienna Miller) to his resentful son (Tom Holland) to his obfuscating partner (Robert Pattinson) — has an inspiring level of faith in Hunnam’s mission. You’d think the blow darts, flash floods, and panthers would dampen Hunnam’s enthusiasm a little bit, too, but apparently not so much. Watch the latest trailer above for the film, due out in the United States on April 14, as well as the movie’s first three trailers below. It is your destiny.

Everyone Doubts Charlie Hunnam in New Lost City of Z Trailer